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Current activities

I am currently employed by The MITRE Corporation, putting our tax dollars to use as efficiently as possible.

I have written a variety of database-enabled web applications for general use.  I tend to write them on my Macintosh or Windows XP laptops, and deploy them to a Unix server.

Past activities

I graduated from Brandeis University with Bachelors and Masters degrees, both in computer science, with an undergraduate minor in Linguistics.

Current and previous employers, in reverse chronological order:


I prefer to use Macintosh computers, however I spoiled myself with a 1600x1200 screen on a Dell Inspiron 5000e laptop, and have gone through multiple PC laptops recently, most recent a Dell Inspiron 6000D which has a widescreen, hi-res display.
Update: Now that Apple has the Intel notebooks, I picked one up and have been using it pretty much exclusively since March, 2006. I still use my desktops for various specific tasks (burning DVDs, ripping CDs, recording TV shows, etc.) but the MacBook Pro is what comes with me when I travel, on the train, etc.

I have experience administering Red Hat and Mandrake Linux, as well as Windows, MacOS, and SGI, and HP-UX. This is sometimes under the auspices of the A-Star Consulting Group.

For my own projects, I most frequently use PHP, Perl and/or Java, running against a Postgresql or MySQL database.

My most recent job was writing an e-commerce application running on IBM WebSphere Application Server. I also architected and deployed Netegrity SiteMinder installations for a number of large enterprise customers.


My recreational interests include software design, science fiction in multiple media, various TV shows, comics, and my friends. See my bookmarks page for some Web sites I used to visit frequently, and my weblog for very sporadic news.

Last updated on 21-September-2009.